Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been part of the European Union since 1994.  Locals are friendly and they respect the law above all. The atmosphere of Czech towns and villages is a source of attraction and inspiration for visitors from all over the world. The climate is cold in winter and warm in summer. Prague is the Capital of Czech Republic.

There are particular opportunities in the following sectors in Czech Republic:

  • Design and Creative Media
  • Food Industry
  • Consumer Goods such as artificial jewelry, clothing and fashion, furnishing textiles, accessories and toiletries, household goods
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Training and Education
  • Tourism, Transportation business
  • Industrial Textiles

Benefits of Residing in Czech Republic:

  • Visa free travel to all Schengen countries
  • Employment opportunities in all European Union countries
  • Family inclusion in the application
  • Free education
  • Free social aids and services

For ensuring that the clients of NASC get a hassle free relocation initially in the Czech Republic and later on after obtaining Czech Permanent Residency, in any country of the Europe, a consortium of NASC and a facilitator in Czech Republic has been established.

As per the division of duties, the companies in the consortium will be providing a complete package of services to its 100% success of all clients under the Czech Pilot Program. The facilitator in Czech Republic will later on will also be helping the client to obtain Permanent Residency in the Czech Republic.

Here’s a list of what we can do for you:

  • We prepare a Submission Report, which shows and presents how the client meets the criteria.
  • We regularly keep in touch with the visa offices to handle all correspondence pertaining to our client’s case.
  • After filing the case, the application is reviewed on the basis of education, training and work experience.
  • We provide thorough training under our Interview Preparation Course (IPC). We groom the clients with mock interview so that they are fully prepared and confident when they go for the interview.
  • Assist the client in securing necessary employment letters and company documents from the employer through the facilitator
  • Assist the client in the preparation of documents required for Work Permit case
  • Review and identify for submission, all required documents and the supporting evidence
  • Assist in filing application for Residence and work permit under Greencard Scheme
  • Submit the complete case with supporting documentation and evidence along with the submission report to the facilitator and later on to the processing visa office
  • Assist in finding job in Czech Republic before landing
  • Assist to provide post-landing services in Czech Republic
  • Assist the client in securing necessary employment letters and company documents from the employer
  • Prepare the client for the interview at the visa post through counseling sessions
  • Counsel the client at various stages of the processing of the case file number, interview, medical and residence & work permit papers as and when required
  • Monitor client’s case throughout processing and assist the client in keeping his / her file up to date
  • Send all additional, written and / or verbal representations to the processing visa office and related Czech Republic Government and other agencies as deemed necessary by the company
  • Advise the client of ongoing requirements by the visa office with respect to the client’s case

Provide orientation sessions for the client

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100% Polish Visa approved| Poland Employment| English & Tagalog testimonial |#NASC #UAE #Philippines

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