This European country offers magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches, sophisticated cities and excellent weather conditions that are perfect for travellers and settlers alike.

From its famous Roman temples and aquaducts, Moorish baths, mosques and fortresses, medieval castles and cathedrals, Baroque palaces, to the modernist architecture of Gaudí, Spain shows pride in its artistic heritage.

Tourists are also drawn by its sunny Mediterranean climate, colorful year-round festivals, and delicious cuisine.

In 2013, Spain launched its Golden Visa program, which grants investors a temporary residence of 1 year in Spain but they are entitled to apply for a residence permit valid for 2 years, which will be renewable for 5 year-periods. During the period of his residence, the initial investment requirements should still be met and the tax and Social Security obligations should be covered.

The applicant must also be at least 18 years old, have no criminal record, and hold a public medical treatment or a Spanish private medical insurance.



  • Right to live and work in Spain
  • Immediate residency
  • Inclusion of spouse and dependent children in the application
  • Investments may be spread over several properties
  • No residency requirement
  • Visa free travel within the EU Schengen Zone
  • High standard of living


  1. Acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of € 500,000.
  1. Investment of € 2 million in Spanish government bonds; € 1 million in shares of Spanish companies; € 1 million euros in investment funds, closed-ended investment funds or private investment (venture capital/private equity) funds incorporated in Spain; or deposit of € 1 million in a Spanish bank account
  1. Projects of general interest, in terms of relevant socioeconomic impact in the region, scientific and/or technologic innovation. This visa is granted subject to supporting documentation of any of these conditions.

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