North American Services Center is presenting general information about the most common and popular option that is suitable for most of expatriates in the Middle East.

To begin with Poland Investment Program you will get the Temporary Residency in Poland based on 2 pillars:

  1. Aged ready-made company purchasing;
  2. Investment

Amount of investment is modest in comparison to other Schengen countries and helping to get the residence card in Poland within reasonable time-frame.

Business residency in Poland giving the customer unlimited access to 26 Schengen countries which leads to EU Residence Permit of 3 years and it can be converted into the Permanent Residency for 5 years followed by a Citizenship.

How the Residency by Investment Program Works ?

  • Consultation.
  • Signing the Contract with NASC.
  • Payment to the Company.
  • Documents collection forms filling.
  • Notary purchasing ACT (it will be done by NASC).
  • Application to the registry court for changing the shareholders (it will take 30 days approximately and will be done by NASC).
  • Organizing a company Address and virtual office (in will be done by NASC).
  • Traveling to Poland under visit visa to apply for the Temporary Residence Visa ( TRV) for 5 working days.
  • Opening a bank account in Polish bank.
  • Signing The Investment Agreement with Polish company designated by NASC in front of the public notary.
  • Making Investment of 10,000 euro.
  • Signing of the company ownership agreement in Notary of ready-made company with 2-3 years of establishment without any activity.
  • Tax and statics number registration.
  • Going for bio-metrics registration.
  • Applying for the residency visa based on the company documents, government agreements, notary acts and accompanied documents in Immigration Department in Poland. 

Important Information:

North American Services Center Provides the polish company as investment object on the following terms:

1.10,000 Euro is the investment with has monthly ROI for 4 years of 250 Euro on the client bank account.

2.Total per  year will be 3,000 Euro.

3.Total money to be returned within 4 years – 12,000 Euro.

4.Yearly interest of 20% with official notary agreement.

Agreement will be officially notarized with the weight of the government document showing that the company is positive Influence on Polish National Economy, and based on that TRC will be granted for the company share holder or shareholders on Business Investment Base. 

Clients Requirements: 

  • At least 21 years old and above
  • No post Criminal Record
  • No past offence to Schengen Immigration Law
  • Passport Copy

How can we help you?

Contact us at the NASC office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.


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