Top 8 Creative Business Ideas in USA That Will Become Popular in 2021

You know you want to start a business in USA  but  you don’t know where to start . All you need is a bit of creativity. This list includes 8 great business ideas that can help you find success in 2020 and beyond 

Delivery of products and consumers using drones and other robotics.

development and production of smart appliances for life and everyday life;

Autonomous vending machines

Vending machines with drinks and snacks are common in America. Vending machines can be installed in centers, offices, on the streets.

Ordering food through the application

A very convenient solution for those who are ready to hire a smart developer and establish partnerships with various catering establishments. The principle of operation can be anything; in America, such services are quite popular in large cities. If you get hungry, without leaving your home, you can get information about the establishment, menus and prices of all cafes or restaurants that are nearby or are interested in the features of the offered cuisine through the application. It is enough to choose a suitable establishment, place an order, arrange delivery or pick it up in person.

Selling food in traffic

The real salvation will be selling snacks, hot dogs or drinks to those who are stuck in traffic for a long time, the seller of light snacks or water, dexterously rushing between cars stuck in traffic. This is a good situation for those who are hungry.

A hotel for plants or animals.

Very convenient for those who leave in a few days or weeks. A hotel like this will look after your plants and animals

A case for a gadget with a bank card compartment.

In America, such an accessory is currently very popular, a practical and convenient solution for those who, leaving the house to the store, do not want to take their entire wallet or bag with them. And in organizing such an enterprise there is nothing difficult, you can order supplies of the same covers directly from the USA or China, and you can sell yourself via the Internet or give them to shops or retail outlets for sale.

Car rental instead of airport parking. This business idea is that a person who arrives at the airport in his own car, instead of leaving it in a paid parking lot, can also earn extra money by renting a car to arriving tourists. It is very easy to organize such a business with zero investment, and every party involved in the transaction remains a win.

Mobile beauty salon.

This is how US business ideas related to the provision of salon services on wheels are gaining popularity. The van contains all the accessories necessary for a hairdresser, make-up artist or manicure master, and the car runs throughout the city, attracting more and more new customers and promptly meeting the needs of the customer in any part of the city. The advantage of this solution is the absence of expenses for renting premises

Taking care of the surrounding area

Everyone wants the grass near the house to always be green, and the trees to be luxurious and fertile. Service for the care of lawns, trees, bushes, as well as the installation of various drainage and irrigation systems is a very popular business in the United States

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