TOP 5 Small Business Ideas In Poland

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TOP 5 Small Business Ideas In Poland


1. Food business

You can choose one of the big Polish cities, e.g. Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, as your company’s headquarters. It is important to choose a location near the center or tourist attractions. You can choose food tracks or more advanced forms such as restaurants, pubs. As a foreigner, you have a chance to choose to run a restaurant with dishes from your local country. Polish people are often interested in exotic cuisine, getting to know what is different for .This business is popular because it usually does not require large financial outlays at the beginning of the activity. In the case of fast food, ingredients are key – they must not only be of good quality, but also always delivered on time and in the right conditions. A suitable refrigerated car is necessary for this.

food business in poland

2. Cleaning company/laundry

The demand for cleaning will always be, both in companies and in private homes. You don’t need professional skills, but more appropriate business plan and business skills .Once done, there is nothing else to do but analyze your own possibilities and look for a niche – if your competition specializes in cleaning offices, then maybe it would be good to focus on cleaning houses and flats, There are a lot of variants – from cleaning offices and flats to organizing warehouses, cleaning premises after renovations, caring for graves and organizing outdoor areas.

Cleaning company in poland

3. Consulting Services

If you want to start a small business, creating a consulting company will be a good idea. Consulting companies are becoming increasingly popular in Poland and are in great demand. To set up this type of business, you should have specialized knowledge in your chosen field. Consultations can be in the field of law, running a business, social media, dietetics, human resources, finance, accountancy and many other fields. Your skills must be valuable enough that someone will want to pay for them. You should choose one narrow specialization and have a good knowledge of internet mechanisms to properly promote your business .The position of a business consultant is also popular. It offers advice on activities that a company should take to improve its operations, increase profits, and expand.


4. Event organizer/ tourist guide

The event company deals with the organization of both corporate official parties and private events, which include weddings, birthday, first communion parties and family parties. Also you can organize trips, that show around the city and its most important attractions. You can show tourists the most famous places if you have the appropriate predispositions for this. Choose the most interesting places, learn as much as possible about them. Being a private tourist guide also requires promoting your services and standing out from the competition.

5. Opening Pre-school education

Opening Pre-school education in Poland institutions is also an integral part of each district, This can be a private kindergarten, or a preschool development centre, which are in high demand both in Europe and in the CIS .Specific business in Poland, as it requires highly skilled specialist

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