The Best Cities in United States for Immigrants

America is a country with a high quality of life and many opportunities for self-realization. These economic, political, social indicators of development, therefore, many seek to immigrate to the United States and fulfill their “American dream”.


Moving to a foreign country is never easy. Potential immigrants start by looking closely at different regions and states – assessing economic development, work, lifestyle and education.

The most popular states among immigrants are Texas, California, Florida, Washington, New York


Texas is a popular destination for immigration. Representatives of many IT companies, such as eBay, Apple, PayPal, IBM and Dell, are represented here. The state is the second largest state in the United States. Numerous large cities are located in the state, among which Houston, Abilene, Victoria, Dallas are mentioned. Economic development and living standards of the population.


Texas compared to other states – low home prices and no income tax. Real estate in this region is considered the most affordable. The cost of housing varies – you can buy a budget house in the suburbs of megacities for $ 100,000.


The University of Texas at Austin is a university with more than 50 thousand students from fifty countries of the world.

There is famous for his excellent technical, humanitarian, medical and legal education. The state has many opportunities for children to play sports – many Texas schools spend more on sports than on general education.


California is America’s most multinational state. The labor market is quite extensive, the economic situation in the state is stable and prosperous, so there are no problems with employment – finding a job and doing business here is much easier than, for example, in Florida. California has a well-developed tourism industry, many opportunities for family recreation and entertainment, and a favorable climate.


Housing market statistics vary depending on which city you are in.

Such price fluctuations are created by migration from expensive million-plus cities. Highly populated regions such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego all experienced declines in sales in December 2018. Prices in most areas have increased by 9%. In addition, in 2019, the California Association of Realtors predicts a drop in sales of more than 3% in single-family homes.


California is home to the world’s leading universities according to World Reputation Rankings 2019 – Stanford University (second place), University of California at Berkeley (sixth place) and California Institute of Technology (seventh place).

Universities are world renowned as one of the best training centers for specialists in computer and IT technologies, economics, and physics.


Today the state of New York is a major economic, tourist and industrial region of the United States.


New York is the best way to invest in real estate. According to investment calculator, the average value of such property in 2019 is $ 542,219. Buying investment property in the New York housing market could be a profitable investment


Higher education received at one of the universities of New York is an excellent opportunity to find a job and be in demand all over the world, as well as here.