Residency by Investment in Lithuania

The country of Lithuania lies in Northern Europe and is the largest of the Baltic States. It enjoys a mild climate, numerous cultural festivals that are held throughout the year, museums, concert halls, art galleries, fabulous cuisine, and many other unique attractions.

Because of its geographical advantage, Lithuania abounds with business opportunities and investors can take advantage of it through business immigration. Business immigration entails registering or buying of a company and receipt of a one-year residence permit with a possibility to extend it and receive a permanent residence in the future.

Interested applicants must purchase a company that can create new job opportunities and conduct genuine economic activities. It must support the growth and development of Lithuania’s economy.


  • Gateway to Europe
  • Freedom to an unrestricted movement in the Schengen Area and EU member countries
  • Right to work, study, own a company, and purchase real estate in Lithuania
  • Right to purchase and register a vehicle in the EU
  • Stable economic environment and low cost of living
  • Family members can be included in the application
  • Residents are also entitled to social privileges, such as medical treatment, maternity benefit, unemployment benefit, etc.
  • Being a resident of Lithuania will make it easier to obtain visas to the USA, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia 


A foreign investor can apply for temporary residency by starting a company with a minimum capital share value of approximately EUR 28,000. It is usually issued for one year but at the end of the year, it may be extended for another year, and up to 5 years.

However, if the applicant invests more than EUR 260,000 into a company in Lithuania and employs at least 5 Lithuanian residents, he/she can receive an initial residence permit for 3 years. This residence permit can be extended every 3 years.

After five years of temporary residency, an individual may apply for permanent residency, and can also apply for Lithuanian citizenship after ten years of combined temporary and permanent residency.

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