Hungary is located at the heart of Europe. It boasts a distinct culture and language, a remarkable history, beautiful landscapes, 300 thermal springs, and delicious food coupled with world-renowned wines.

Some of its geographic wonders including the world’s second largest thermal lake, the largest European medicinal bath, and Europe’s largest lake.

Aside from these tourist attractions, Hungary has a stable political climate, relatively low crime rate, and a booming economy. All of which can potentially bring financial gain to investors.

Investors can receive a permanent residency permit in Hungary via purchasing a specially issued bond with a value of €300,000 and with a maturity of minimum 5 years.

As a permanent resident, one can enjoy the right to work in Hungary, as well as the right to health care and access to the education system.



  • Lifetime EU permanent residence status
  • Immediate residency
  • Inclusion of spouse and dependent children in the application
  • No language tests, medical tests, and education requirement
  • No residency requirement
  • Visa free travel within the EU Schengen Zone
  • Right to live and work in Hungary
  • High standard of living
  • Risk free bond investment for 5 years in Euro currency
  • Open to all country nationals


Hungary’s Investor Residency Bond program includes the purchase of special government bonds in the amount of €300,000.  After five years of maturity, the original capital is returned to the investor.

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