With its bucolic scenery and year-round sunshine, Portugal remains to be one of the best and most affordable destinations in Europe. Mediterranean beaches, medieval alleyways, deep valleys and rolling hills, dramatic cityscapes and a myriad of colorful towns abound in this culturally rich country.


This European country offers magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches, sophisticated cities and excellent weather conditions that are perfect for travelers and settlers alike.<br /> From its famous Roman temples and aqueducts, Moorish baths, mosques and fortresses, medieval castles and cathedrals, Baroque palaces, to the modernist architecture of Gaudí, Spain shows pride in its artistic heritage.


The mere mention of Greece conjures up images of ancient ruins, artifacts and edifices that date back to the time of famous philosophers who influenced the world we know today, and the picturesque sunset casting an warm glow over whitewashed houses and blue domes perched on a hill.


Hungary is located at the heart of Europe. It boasts a distinct culture and language, a remarkable history, beautiful landscapes, 300 thermal springs, and delicious food coupled with world-renowned wines. Some of its geographic wonders including the world’s second largest thermal lake, the largest European medicinal bath, and Europe’s largest lake.


Whether it’s to see the grand Panama Canal or explore Panama’s jungle that abounds in unique tropical plants and animals, Panama offers an unparalleled experience for thrill seekers and nature lovers. A narrow land bridge connecting Central America and South America, Panama is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean and is marked by a chain of mountains in the west, moderate hills at the center, and a low range on the east coast. This distinct geographic characteristic resulted in the country enjoying abundant fishing, beautiful beaches, and exciting water sports.


Malta is an island that lies at the center of the Mediterranean. It’s a popular tourist destination for its sunny weather, attractive beaches, thriving nightlife, and architectural and historical monuments. In addition to that, the country has a low-crime rate, well-established telecommunications infrastructure, and an efficient healthcare program. Moreover, Malta is an EU member state and also a member of Schengen Zone so citizens of Malta can freely travel, live and work in any EU country.


Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, is among the world’s greenest countries. Forests covers fifty percent of the total territory that’s why wood is their main export commodity. Latvia also counts more than 3,000 lakes and 12,000 rivers. It’s suffice to say that one can easily find rivers and lakes, beaches and forests right at your doorstep.