New Zealand

New Zealand, a place where sheep and cattle outnumber people, is considered one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in the world.

Having a population of only 4 million, New Zealand is uncrowded and 30% of its land area is national parks and other protected areas. Its dramatic and stunning landscapes have been the favorite filming locations of internationally acclaimed movies like “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy,” “The Hobbit,” “Chronicles of Narnia,” and many more.

New Zealand is also known to be a place where people are friendly, crime rate is very low being the world’s fourth safest country, and the education and health care system are world-class.

New Zealanders get a healthy daily dose of outdoor recreation in its wide open spaces, spectacular mountainous terrain, and miles of coastlines with dazzling sandy beaches.

NASC offers several ways to move to New Zealand. We are proud to say that we are licensed with New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority(IAA) which means we are permitted to deal directly with applicants and offer legal advice regarding  immigration, citizenship and resettlement.

We are capable of helping you choose among the many visa options New Zealand has and prepare your visa application. We will also make sure you get settled properly.

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Immigration to New Zealand

Why New Zealand

Bigger earnings from better-paying jobs

Free universal healthcare system

Free access to all levels of education

Efficient social services that offers post retirement care

Strong economy and healthy environment

Very safe and neat & clean environment

Low crime rate & Stable political system

No age discrimination in employment opportunities

Multicultural society & Child tax benefit

Immigration Program

Skilled Migration Program

Investment Program

Visitor Visa

Student Visa

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