Being the second largest country in the world, Canada is full of life with its beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities.

One cannot help but marvel at the sight of one of the great wonders of the world, the Niagara Falls. Thousands of tourists visit the falls every year to enjoy the spectacular view.

Foreigners will also feel welcome with Canada’s diverse and friendly people, usually huddled together in its cosmopolitan and international cities.

Indeed, Canada is probably the most immigrant-friendly destination at present. The Canadian government has declared their intention to welcome more than 300,000 new immigrants in their country for the year 2017.

This is a step towards progress for both parties – Canada’s economy will be boosted through a more robust labour force and foreigners will have the opportunity to experience a more comfortable life that Canada has to offer.

There are various programs which an applicant may choose for Canadian immigration, but it’s important to identify the most suitable program based on the candidate’s qualification.

At the frontline of NASC is Kathryn MacDonald. She is a member in good standing of Immigration Consultants Council Regulators Council (ICCRC); therefore, she is authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent any applicant in the Canadian Immigration process.

With over 20 years of experience, Kathryn is well-versed with the Canada immigration road map and she can provide many routes to choose from and help you select the most efficient way to obtaining your Canadian Permanent Residency.

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Why Canada

Bigger earnings from better-paying jobs

Free universal healthcare system

Free access to all levels of education

Efficient social services that offers post retirement care

Strong economy and healthy environment

Very safe and neat & clean environment

Low crime rate & Stable political system

No age discrimination in employment opportunities

Multicultural society & Child tax benefit

Immigration Program

Express Entry

Quebec-selected skilled workers

Business Immigration Programs

Family Class Immigration

Temporary Resident Visa

Visit Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa, Temporary Work Permit
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