Poland Business Immigration


In that model Client will get the business residency in Poland based on 2 pillars: aged ready-made company purchasing and investment. 

Amount of investment is modest in comparison to other Schengen countries

and helps to get the residence card in Poland within reasonable time frame.

Business residency in Poland is giving the customer unlimited access to 27 Schengen countries.   


In this service, for foreign Clients we provide:

  • Ready-made companies aged 2-3 years, without any activity and turnover before.
  • Registration for  Purchasing Act in Notary
  • All tax and statistic number in company
  • Opening a corporate bank account in polish bank, bank account consultations
  • Organization a company address and virtual office
  • Organization for accountant services
  • Project of company logo
  • Placing company in polish internet catalogues
  • Tax consultations

Company is located in Poznan, Great Poland Voivodeship, and business oriented city.

If Client wants to open company in other cities, we will make additional consultations.

Ready-made company is aged around 2-3 years which is helping for obtaining temporary residence card in shorter time.

We will provide the company from our list.



2. Contract signing. 

3.Payment for the company, POA, documentation

4.We are doing notary purchasing act

5. The next day we are applying in Registry Court for shareholder changing.

6. After shareholder changing (around 30-40 working days from notary act) Client is applying for the visa based on the company documents, government confirmed invitation and accompanied documents.

7. Client must come to Poland to apply for TRC (5 days required).  We will open bank account for the Client, after that, will sign investment agreement with Polish company designated by us.

8. after 5-6 months Client is receiving TRC. 

IMPORTANT! For getting TRC based on the ready-made company will be needed investment in Polish company for amount at least 10.000 EUR. We will provide the Polish company as investment object on the following terms (investment 10000 EUR for 4 years, monthly return 250 EUR on Client company bank account, yearly return 3000 EUR, total return 12000 EUR, yearly interest 5%, total interest 20%) with official notary agreement.  Through

 Through investing in Polish company and having aged company in Poland, Clients will get Business Base TRC. Agreement will be officially notarized with the weight of government document. It will give a base for showing that the company is positive influencer on Polish national economy and based on that TRC will be granted for the company shareholder or shareholders on business investment base

Requirements for the Client; 

  • age above 21 year
  • bank balance to show at least equivalent of 15.000 USD (optional)
  • no past criminal record
  • no past offence to Schengen Immigration Law
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“100% Polish Visa approved| Poland Employment| English & Tagalog testimonial |#NASC #UAE #Philippines”

100% Polish Visa approved| Poland Employment| English & Tagalog testimonial |#NASC #UAE #Philippines

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