Citizenship in the Caribbean: Why Get a Caribbean Passport?

Citizenship of the Caribbean is very popular among citizens of various countries. Especially often athletes, politicians and businessmen become residents of the Caribbean.

The fact is that countries such as Saint Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia offer their citizens favorable tax conditions. And getting citizenship in the Caribbean is easy enough: you need to take part in a government program and invest a certain amount in the economy.

Why do Caribbean countries need investors?

Why should these countries give out passports for investment? Very simple: they are located on small islands and even 30 years ago their economy was based on trade in agricultural products (mainly spices), and the population was often poor. And there were no other ways to attract money to the budget.

Then governments fundamentally changed their economic policies, offering foreigners conducting international business favorable tax conditions. 

Caribbean today

Now Grenada, Saint Kitts, Antigua, Dominica and other Caribbean countries are small, but powerful and attractive tourist centers with ultramodern infrastructure and a high level of security. Each of them has a state citizenship program in exchange for investment in the national economy..

However, in addition to tax benefits, these countries along with passports offer a number of benefits. For example, traveling to more than 120 countries (including Europe) without visas, preferential conditions for doing business in the USA and the UK, reliable legal protection from lawsuits.


Here you can buy real estate for personal use and rent it out, especially since it is in demand all year round, because now the islands of the Caribbean are popular and modern resorts.

In Dominica, you can sell your property in 3 years

In Grenada – in 5 years

In Saint Kitts and Antigua – in 5 years

What gives citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua or Dominica?

  • A safe alternative place to stay in a resort country with a warm climate
  • Favorable tax system, where there are no taxes on capital gains,
  • Investments in tourist real estate with the ability to return them in 3-5 years
  • Traveling around the world without visas, studying at leading universities around the world, working for international companies

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