Differences between living in the US and the UK

You have a choice where it is better to go to America  or United Kingdom, both countries wonderful however,  they  differ in terms of living standards. Let’s see what is the difference between the USA and UK


Education  in both countries is structured differently. For example, in London a bachelor’s degree lasts 3 years and a master’s degree lasts 1 year. However, in New York, the bachelor’s degree is 4 years and the master’s degree is 2 years.
In total, in London you will spend only 4 years getting two higher degrees, and in New York 6 years. But if you are only thinking about undergraduate studies, then the difference is only one year.
Why is this so? In America, the first year is spent with general subjects like history, geography, literature, and these subjects may not be relevant to your profession. Only in the second year of study will you begin to study subjects in your specialty. But in the UK, you immediately begin to study all the necessary subjects starting from the first year.


In general, the quality of education in the UK is considered better than in America. However, this can also be considered. Harvard, Columbia, New York University, where Angelina Jolie herself studied, or New York Film Academy.

Great Britain has the same higher institutions as Cambridge or Oxford University, where Stephen Hawking studied; University College London, where Coldplay and renowned director Christopher Nolan studied.

In both countries, the language is English. However, you may be aware that there is a difference in their accent, terms and jargons they use


In London, the climate loves to make surprises – if it was sunny in the summer in the morning, snow can fall in the evening, which does not fall even in winter. Therefore, you should not trust the weather forecasts and ALWAYS take an umbrella with you.

New York is becoming more stable. It is sunny in spring and summer, windy in autumn and snowy in winter. However, winters can be very cold and snow storms are expected at times, so bring warm clothes. The climate in London and in New York is very different.


Food in London is very international – you can find food from any country: Uzbek, Georgian, Chinese, Italian, etc.

In New York, the situation with this is a little more difficult. You will often find fast food there: McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.


In the UK the average amount of paid annual leave from work is roughly 28 days, plus all the UK bank holidays. In stark contrast, US workers get around 10 to 14 days per year

Price and tax

In the UK, the price is the price. In the US it’s a surprise. US in many states tax isn’t included in the advertised price. You could go to buy a burger with the exact cash and see it is $ 5, but really it’s $ 5.80. In the UK, the price is just the price, no surprises.

In the US the price of groceries to be a lot more expensive

The UK has plenty of budget supermarkets, from no-frills stores like Lidl and Aldi to superstore giants such as Tesco and Asda. Supermarket food is cheap and affordable, making it far more economical to cook at home than it is to eat out in a restaurant. In the US the price of groceries to be a lot more.

People are smiley in the US

In the US a people positive and smiley everyone is, even at the immigration desks. Brits often see it as fake.

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