Quebec needs 80,000 immigrants per year, not 50,000

Exercising its right under the Canada-Quebec Accord is in the province’s economic interests To sustain a strong economy, Quebec needs almost twice as many immigrants as it is currently targeting. In recent years, Canada’s second-largest province has welcomed around 50,000 immigrants annually, ranking second behind Ontario. On a per capita basis, however, Quebec’s newcomer intake […]

Quebec sets admissions target of 40,000 new permanent residents for 2019

Majority of newcomers will arrive through economic immigration programs, including the Quebec Skilled Worker Program   Quebec could admit up to 42,000 new permanent residents and issue as many as 24,800 selection certificates in the new year, the province says in its new immigration plan for 2019. The majority of new admissions to Quebec in […]

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program to Reopen on May 29, 2017

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is an option for business immigrants with a high net worth wishing to secure permanent residence on the basis of a passive investment. QIIP will reopen for applications from May 29, 2017 to February 23, 2018, and up to 1,900 applications may be accepted for processing, so we encourage you to […]

Quebec Immigration – Skilled Worker Program

Kathryn MacDonald works with a member of the Quebec Bar Association The Quebec Immigration selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers is designed to indicate which applicants are likely to become economically established upon immigration to Quebec. Quebec Skilled Worker / Professional applicants intending to reside in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec […]