Business etiquette in Poland that is important for you to know!

Are you ready to build a business in Poland, find business partners or work for a company? Then this article will be useful for you to learn Polish business etiquette.

Looking for a business partner

Poles will seldom deal with people they don’t know personally. That is why you just need to achieve a personal meeting with a potential partner. And it is important that the first meeting is in the most friendly atmosphere.

Meeting and greeting

Come on time. If you managed to make an appointment with those who you need, carefully plan everything in advance so as not to be late.

Firm handshake and a welcoming smile are good for both men and women. Unlike social gatherings, a business greeting is the same for everyone. The ladies can either shake your hand or confine themselves to a polite nod.

Get to know your business partner better

Don’t brag. Poles love honesty, reliability, decency and experience. Bragging is considered a disadvantage, and if Poles are asked to share how they have achieved success, they will become shy and downplay their own achievements in every possible way.

Prepare a few phrases about Poland, as well as learn a couple of Polish words. You may be surprised by questions about your family. The fact is that family life is very important for the majority of polar explorers, and to say that a woman, a child’s or family vacation needs to be something absolutely normal. According to recent research, it is important for health, honesty, a successful career, and world peace.

Don’t talk about politics, religion, or social issues. 

Let’s get down to business.

The case in Poland is treated very carefully, but a little restrained. There are no superficial jokes and smiles.

Facts and facts again. If you want to convince potential partners of the reliability and value of your business proposal, you need to back it up with numbers, research data, and reliable predictions. Poles adore facts and rarely go along with emotions.

Poles prefer not to take risks, so try to convince them of the reliability and safety of your project.

Don’t be overly aggressive. Polish businessmen are mild to moderately tough negotiators. They do not like serious risks, obsession and blackmail,

Contract signing

It will take more than one meeting to sign the contract. Even if you have already discussed all the details, a second meeting will be required to sign the contract to give both parties time to think and prepare documents


If your partner is behaving when saying goodbye to you, it is easy to understand how successful the negotiations were. If he is calm, relaxed and makes eye contact easily, then everything is fine. At the end of the first meeting in Poland, it is customary to exchange business cards, so don’t forget to grab yours.

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Good luck!