Nova Scotia Nominee Program continues province’s long history of welcoming immigrants

Perhaps no province is as deeply associated with immigration in the Canadian memory as is Nova Scotia. 

The province — whose name is Latin for “New Scotland” — plays host to Pier 21, Canada’s equivalent to New York’s Ellis Island. In the span of less than 50 years, from 1928 to 1971, more than one million immigrants arrived by boat through Pier 21 at Halifax Harbour. Known as the “Gateway to Canada,” the former immigrant reception centre at the pier now serves as Canada’s Museum of Immigration.

Nova Scotia is a Maritime province with more than 7,000 kilometers of beautiful coastline. Its capital and largest city is the vibrant Halifax. The province’s culture, as its name suggests, is heavily influenced by the Scottish / Celtic origins of many of its inhabitants. Other major ethnic communities include Acadians, Indigenous (mainly Mi’kmaq) and African-Canadians.

While Pier 21 itself no longer receives immigrants, Nova Scotia remains ready, able, and willing to welcome newcomers.

With its small population (a little less than one million) and ageing labour force, the province is particularly eager to grow the number of people calling it home.  Last year saw Nova Scotia welcome a record number of new permanent residents and reach its highest-ever population total.


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