The Government of Canada took the 30th draw in 2017

The Government of Canada took the 30th draw in 2017 and brings a new set of 2,750 candidates. Applicants invited to complete and submit their application within 90 days period.

A good news to those candidates with a CRS score of 446 because the cut-off score was down six points over the previous draw, which took place on Dec. 6 and had a cut-off score of 452.

As immigration makes changes, authorities can now limit the number of invitations to be issued. Where the number of candidates with the lowest score surpasses the number of invitations permitted, authorities will implement a tie-breaking mechanism to issue invitations based on a time-stamp-determined, first come, first served basis.

Thus, if more than one candidate has the lowest score, the cut-off is based on the date and time they submitted their Express Entry profiles.

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