15 Facts that you will be interested to know before you go to Poland

Poland is a country in Eastern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea, famous for medieval architecture and Jewish quarters.  Poland has magnificent castles with unique exhibitions and various museums, beautiful parks and colorful architecture. Also there are many picturesque corners of nature, mountains, rivers and lakes. We have prepared some interesting facts that you can know the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Poland

  1. Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe (8th not Including Russia) Poland isn’t a small country; it’s actually one of the largest ones. Poland is bigger than Italy and the UK.
  2.  Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, after which it was practically rebuilt from scratch.
  3. The word “Poland” comes from the name of the tribe, which means “people living in the open field
  4. Poland is home to the Białowieża Forest, Europe’s last remaining ancient forest; the forest boasts Europe’s largest herd of Bison, alongside wolves, lynx and many other wild animals!. There are almost 10,000 lakes in Poland

5. Wearing a hat in your home or church is a sign of disrespect. Although young people usually do not feel uncomfortable.

6. Public transport in Poland is well developed. There are even night bus routes in all cities.

7. Poles call yellow traffic lights orange.

8. Mushrooming is a popular family activity in Poland .Going to the forest to pick wild mushrooms at the end of the summer is a popular activity for many people in Poland. Kids are taught how to distinguish an edible mushroom from a poisonous one early on.

9. the most popular sport in Poland is football

10. You can still eat at Europe’s oldest restaurant in Wroclaw. Located in Wrocław, the “Piwnica   Swidnicka” is the oldest restaurant in Europe, open since 1275. You can still eat there today. Poland has its own version of Valentine’s day

11.Poland beer is often served with raspberry or blackcurrant juice (piwo z sokiem), which should be drunk through a straw. In cold weather, it is customary to drink hot beer with cloves and cinnamon, sweetened with honey (piwo grzane).

  1. Poles celebrate a Name day. In addition to birthdays, Poles celebrate their name day, which is the day commemorating the Saint they are named after. The names associated with each day is listed in all calendars in Poland, so the Name Day is often more important than a birthday because everyone remembers about it.
  2. Kupała or Wianki is celebrated on June 21st, the ‘Feast of St. John the Baptist’ day. Men jump over bonfires and, women hope for wreaths. Wreaths with candles on one side of the river are floated to the other side and if one comes to you, you’ll be lucky in love.

14 Kissing woman’s hand is still in fashion in Poland. Polish men generally still tend to observe “the chivalry protocol”. Don’t be surprised if you see this, upon the first introduction between total strangers.

15   Hospitality. Once you enter a Polish home, expect to be treated like a member of the royalty. You will surely be well fed and taken care of with devotion and respect!

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