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Austria is one of the beautiful countries of the world located in Central Europe with its Capital known as Vienna. It has 16th highest employment rate in the world, it is the right place to go if you are looking for a job. Austria Ranks 14th in the world by Nominal GDP per Capita.

Austria has a well developed economy with high standard of living and is considered to be safe for living with attractive working environment. It is also one of the countries that is seeking highly qualified employees to work in well-paid positions, and encourages all young and skilled people to come visit and look for places to work.

Austria is one of those Schengen states which provide free educationto all students. Thousands of students come for free study in Austria at top Austrian universities.

What is a job seeker visa?

The Job-seeker visa for Austria is a six-month permit intended for highly qualified (such as a scientist, high-level manager and individuals in certain other occupations) non-EU citizens who wish to work in Austria but have not yet managed to secure a job offer. The Jobseeker Visa allows you to look for work followed by a work permit if your job hunt has been successful. To be Eligible, you must score minimum 70 points out of 100 to apply for points-based Job-Seeker Visa.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for very highly qualified persons Points
Special qualifications and skillsMaximum allowable points: 40
Graduation from an institution of higher education, minimum duration of programme: four years20
– in the subjects mathematics, informatics, natural
sciences or technology (MINT subjects) (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology)
– Post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) or PhD40
Work experience (adequately reflecting applicant’s qualification or senior management position)Maximum allowable points: 20
Work experience (per year)Six months of work experience in Austria210
Language skillsMaximum allowable points: 10
German or English language skills for the elementary use of the language on a basic level – (A1 level)5
German or English language skills for the intensified elementary use of the language – (A2 level)10
AgeMaximum allowable points: 20
Up to 35 years of ageUp to 40 years of age

up to 45 years of age



Studies in AustriaMaximum allowable points: 10
Second part of diploma programme (Diplomstudium) or half of the required total ECTS points5
Completed diploma programme (Diplomstudium)or Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme10
Sum total of maximum allowable points:100
Required minimum:70
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“I really appreciate NASC for their commitment, Thank you”- Mr.Syed, Pakistan

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