Frequently asked questions

Que : What is a Canadian Immigrant Visa? 
Ans : An Immigrant Visa is a document which allows a person to live and work anywhere in Canada, and confers upon that person permanent resident status. It comes with certain responsibilities and can be revoked if the holder is out of the country for too long, or is guilty of some criminal activity. A person who is a Canadian permanent resident may apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years. 

Que : Can I apply for permanent resident status and temporary status at the same time? 
Ans : You can apply for permanent resident status and temporary status at the same time (dual intent). Doing so will not harm your application for permanent resident status. However, your application for temporary status may be affected because an impression will have been created that you do not intend to leave Canada upon the expiration of your temporary status. Therefore it is better to apply for temporary status before you apply for your permanent resident status. 

Que : Who qualifies for an Immigrant Visa? 
Ans : Immigrant Visas are given to qualified skilled workers, business persons and to close family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. 

Que : Who can I include in my application for an Immigrant Visa? 
Ans : Your spouse and any dependent children may be included in the application. Children must be under the age of 19 years. If they are 19 and older, they must not have had an interruption of more than 12 months in their schooling. Your accompanying dependents will be subject to medical and security clearance requirements. Other family members, such as your parents, generally cannot be included in the application but you may be able to sponsor them as part of the family class after you land in Canada. Common-law spouses and same-sex partners are not considered spouses for immigration purposes. They will be assessed independently. Where the common-law spouse or same-sex partner does not qualify as an independent immigrant, an Immigrant Visa may still be issued on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. 

Que : Will I be interviewed by an immigration officer? 
Ans : Most Skilled Worker applicants for permanent resident status are required to attend a selection interview with an immigration officer. Such interviews are held to ensure the information in the application is accurate, to verify documentation, to test language ability, and to help applicants relocate to Canada. Visa offices may grant certain Skilled Worker candidates an interview waiver, depending on the qualifications of the applicant, the quality of the supporting documentation, and the overall credibility of the applicant. The likelihood of an interview waiver varies from one visa office to another. Almost all applicants under the Business Immigration Program will be required to attend a selection interview. 

Que : Will I have to take a medical exam? 
Ans : All prospective immigrants to Canada are required to undergo medical examinations. These examinations are intended to detect any conditions which may affect the health of the Canadian public, or which may result in excessive demands being placed upon the Canadian health care system. The medical examination includes a standard physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays. 

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Choosing NASC to represent you gives you a higher chance of success in obtaining your visa because we are a certified member of the Immigration Canada Consultant Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Our immigration expert, Ms. Kathryn MacDonald, License #R414887, is a native Canadian equipped with the latest information on immigration law, procedures and practices and abides by stringent ethical and professional guidelines.

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Out staff consists of knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure the success of your application. We practice utmost integrity and honesty in our work. .


We have been in this business for over 30 years now, successfully enabling over 10,000 immigrants to settle in their country of choice. Thus, 95% of our clients came as referral from other satisfied clients.


We have many agreements with major Canadian health authorities and headhunters, as well various major Australian recruitment companies to help place our clients. We pre-select and evaluate suitable candidates, assist them with provincial registration and refer them to interested employers for an interview.

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1. Guide you through the registration process in Canada, including immigration procedures from start to finish.
2. Match your skills and interests to our Canadian selection of job vacancies.
3. Educate you about the communities that might interest you and determine your best chances of success.
4. Facilitate contact with prospective employers.
5. Assist you in identifying education and real estate options for you and your family.
6. Support you as you make your transition to your new job and provide all information on landing and settlement procedures.