Economic Immigration Program


This is an employer-driven program that facilitates offshore or temporarily residing skilled workers to fill in the available positions. It has become one of the negotiable options for aspirants seeking Canadian immigration. The regional agenda is to flourish the community with a skilled population, consorting innovation, and development in trade and commerce.

The primary applicants must hold a job offer from a designated employer inclusive settlement plan for themselves and their families. In case of an immediate joining at the offered position, a temporary work permit can be applied to access the country.

This program avails two migration programs:

• Atlantic High Skilled Program (AHSP)
• Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program (AISP)
• Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Aspects like the work experience, education, and required job offer will certainly rely upon the type of program applied, however, other requisites remain almost the same.

Alternatively, the Atlantic provinces are active in immigration, primarily through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), aligned with the Express Entry system.

At present, the Atlantic PNP options include:

• Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
• New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
• Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
• Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

NASC ensure to serve aspirants with featured and specialized approach likely includes the following to point:

• Competent relevant resume furnishing considering the requisites
• Consistent advisory support in communication with the employer, on emails and other possible modes, to attain the job offer
• Assistance in job search considering the experience, qualification, and interest
• Interview preparation with mock
• Documents scrutinizing and reviewing
• ECA – Educational Credential Assessment filling and processing
• Visa processing, post invitation
• Complimentary IELTS assistance – sessions and diagnostic test


The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is an economy-driven program to stimulate the communities’ economic growth in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon. This program is missioned to develop the smaller communities by facilitating newcomers, thereof support their settlement. By smaller communities it is implied, to consist of a population of 50,000 or less in number and be located at least 75 km from the core of a Census Metropolitan Area or up to 200,000 people with the declaration of the remote area from the larger cities.

NASC expertise in educating the clients to take wise decisions to apply under this program. Following are the services availed to streamline the process of application:

• Advisory to obtain recommendations from the particular community with assistance in the job offer.
• Competent relevant resume furnishing considering the requisites likely experience, wherein 1560 hours, one year, of paid work experience in past three years must be showcased with few exceptions. Additionally, about Education, wherein ECA report submission – application and follow up.
• Language test assistance in compliment, training, and diagnostic test. Ensure the customized guidance upon CLB i.e., NOC 0 and A: minimum language score is CLB 6, NOC B: minimum language score is CLB 5, NOC C and D: minimum language score is CLB 4.
*CLB – Canadian Language Benchmark
• Competent guidance in the representation of funds to support themselves and family mainly to be demonstrated through bank account statements, real property or investments like stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills, fixed deposits, etc.) and other guaranteed payments, if any.


This community-driven support program is to facilitate applicants applying through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to avail permanent residency in MORDEN.

In case the applicant is incompetent to apply to qualify by themselves, likely getting a support letter from a friend or family member, the application can be applied to our initiative.

NASC can describe and assist in the process attaining the utmost specialization and transparency.

Enlisted are the services furnished to the clients:

• Determining the qualification and experience to apply illustrating the must education at post-secondary education or training program of at least one year of duration. Besides, 2+ years experience in the targeted occupation.
• Assistance in preparation of IELTS test, with CLB 5+ as an accomplished score.
• Application processing, upon acceptance by MCDII assisting with an exploratory visit to Canada wherein arrangements and complete guidance, will be provided. Thereafter, the mock interview will be practiced to ease an interview with an MPNP officer.
• Upon selection in the interview, NASC shall assist upon applying into MPNP, whereupon after the positive consideration and review of associated authority, a nomination letter will be issued.
• Influentially, with the nomination letter, NASC proceeds to apply for federal processing.
• Thorough counseling will be taken on the procedure on medical tests and criminal check reports. Inclusively, we ensure post landing services and arrangements at MORDEN.

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