The best immigration consultancy in the UAE
North American Services Center (NASC) is the best immigration consultancy in the GCC, we are the largest and most trusted name in the international immigration industry today. We are fully registered ICCRC members, We have been serving people for over 33 years now and we are constantly looking for ways to update and upgrade the quality of service that we provide on issues related to skilled immigration for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Residency and citizenship.

From its humble beginnings in 1986, NASC was principally located in Dubai but has now established a strong presence throughout the MENA region and beyond.

The most trusted immigration consultancy in UAE
Award-winning Service
NASC is the best Immigration Consultancy in UAE has a strong track record of providing diligent and reliable consulting services and also a network of satisfied clients who can vouch for our success.

We have a dynamic and committed team of professionals who speaks over a dozen languages and is trained to give each client a personal and specialized consultation experience.

In 2014, our hard work paid off and we were honored the GOLDEN AWARD under consulting category by the UAE Excellence Award Academy, which proves that NASC is the most trusted immigration consultancy.

Over the years, our company has been assisting clients from more than 50 countries with respect to immigration and citizenship services related to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, and other jurisdictions.

Our comprehensive experience and extensive industry knowledge enable us to provide result-oriented solutions therefore, making us one of the best immigration service providers in the Middle East.

Certificate of excellence

Message from the CEO

As a native Canadian living and working here in Dubai, it was made very clear to me that there was a tremendous demand for Canadian and Australian Immigration. I am very privileged having been brought up and born a Canadian Citizen. As a Canadian, I took so much for granted – my human rights, my equal rights, my right to choice, among others. These are gifts a parent should consider for their children whether it be to send them for post-secondary university or simply to immigrate as a family.

Deciding to immigrate to Canada is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Over the years our firm has assisted more than 10,000 Families obtain Canadian and Australian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visas and become successfully settled in Canada and Australia.

As the lead Consultant for North American Services Center, I am registered with the governing body of Canada, Immigration Canadian Consultants Regulators Council (ICCRC), to share my expertise in immigration concerns. I invite you to visit their website to see what this means to you as a client. Visit

I have lived in Dubai for ten years where NASC’s head office is located and our branch offices are in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain, UAE. We are enjoying a great success in the GCC region and we are planning to move further into the region of North Africa in the coming years.

Kathryn MacDonald is authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you in the Canadian Immigration process. You are protected by the fact that she is a member in good standing of Immigration Consultants Council Regulators Council (ICCRC).

Kathryn MacDonald (member in good standing of ICCRC.)

Why Us?

Choosing NASC to represent you gives you a higher chance of success in obtaining your visa because we are a certified member of the Immigration Canada Consultant Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Our immigration expert, Ms. Kathryn MacDonald, License #R414887, is a native Canadian equipped with the latest information on immigration law, procedures and practices and abides by stringent ethical and professional guidelines.

Our team consists of knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure the success of your application. We practice utmost integrity and honesty in our work. .

We have been in this business for over 34 years now, successfully enabling over 20,000 immigrants to settle in their country of choice. Thus, 95% of our clients came as referral from other satisfied clients.

We have many agreements with major health authorities and headhunters, as well various major recruitment companies to help place our clients. We pre-select and evaluate suitable candidates, assist them with provincial registration and refer them to interested employers for an interview.

1. Guide you through the registration process in Canada, including immigration procedures from start to finish.
2. Match your skills and interests to our Canadian selection of job vacancies.
3. Educate you about the communities that might interest you and determine your best chances of success.
4. Facilitate contact with prospective employers.
5. Assist you in identifying education and real estate options for you and your family.
6. Support you as you make your transition to your new job and provide all information on landing and settlement procedures.

NASC offers a broad based safety net and the best of professional expertise

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