Canada could accept more refugees through economic immigration programs

Canada could accept more refugees through economic immigration programs, Immigration Minister says
Canada could increase the number of refugees it accepts each year by channeling those with employable skills through the country’s economic-class immigration programs.

Ahmed Hussein, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said Thursday on the occasion of World Refugee Day that he would like to “massively” accelerate a pilot launched last year that links skilled refugees living in East Africa and the Middle East with existing economic-class immigration programs, namely Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program.

The Economic Mobility Pathways Project (EMPP) builds on a program conceived by the United States-based refugee resettlement organization talent beyond the border in 2016 that has already registered thousands of refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan, of whom a third have an undergrad degree or above and 40 percent report some level of English.

Candidates registered with Talent Beyond Borders represent more than 200 professions, including engineering, health care, IT, teaching, accounting, and university education.

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