The target for 2017 has been set at 300,000

Over recent months, Canada increased the share of economic admissions. The target set at 300,000 immigrants.

In reflection to the idea that immigration continues to be a key ingredient of their success as a country.

“we’re introducing new ideas, programs, and we’re instituting faster processing to attract the best from all over the world,”

Stated Hussen at the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) law conference, held earlier this month.

More positive approach to the department has taken by new immigration minister, Mr Hussen, his predecessor, John McCallum.

His appearances and remarks reveal that he is ready to continue to make improvements to his department.

Mainly for the benefit of clients, who are, of course, the future immigrants that Canada needs.

In addition, the number of people in a position to submit an application to immigrate to Canada as an economic migrant has increased decisively.

The Express Entry system itself has also undergone a recent set of improvements, announced earlier this year and implemented on June 6.

Highest number of Invitation to Apply ( ITAs ) has issued in May 2017

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