Changes to the Maximum Age of a Dependent Child

The Government of Canada has officially announced that starting on the 24 of October 2017, the new age limit for dependent child will be increased to 21 years, raising it from the current “under 19” requirement. This change will apply to new applications for all immigration programs, including the Quebec Immigrant-Investors Program (QIIP).

Children aged 22 and older who have depended substantially on the financial support of their parent(s) since before the age of 22 years, and who are unable to be financially self-supporting due to a physical or mental condition, may also be considered dependent.

The definition of a dependent child will remain essentially the same, meaning that only those who are neither married nor a de facto spouse will qualify. Children aged 22 years or older can also be included as an accompanying family member if they are substantially dependent on the financial support of one or the other parent due to a physical or mental disability.

The intention of this policy is to ease the reunification of families by allowing more family members to qualify as dependents, namely older immigrant children aged 19 to 21.

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