Canada put an end to Conditional PR Provision for Spouses and Partners

On April 28, the conditional permanent residence is no longer applied to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether a spouse or partner sponsors candidates for permanent residence.

From now on, all sponsored spouses and common-law partners will no longer need to pass through a period of conditional permanent resident status. This change came after the Liberal government of Canada decided to remove the provision. This provision was first introduced back in 2012 by the previous Conservative government.

This provision has been in effect for around four-and-a-half years now. All sponsored spouses and common-law partners were necessary to live with their sponsor for two years if, at the time they applied, their relationship was no more than two years old, and they had no children in common. If they didn’t abide this condition, then they risked losing their status in Canada.

The purpose according to the previous government for this rule was to encourage people from seeking to immigrate to Canada through non-genuine relationships. Even though the government now states that it clearly recognizes that cases of marriage fraud exist.  But it also admits that most of the relationships are genuine.

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